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    Today, Washburn University wishes a very happy 90th birthday to Sen. Bob Dole, one of our most respected and well-known alumni. Dole graduated from Washburn with both his bachelor’s degree and his law degree in 1952 (back then it was possible to do that in the same year).

    A World War II veteran, Dole held elected positions in the Kansas House of Representatives and as a Russell County attorney. He served in the U.S. Senate for nearly 30 years, spending part of that time as president of the U.S. Senate and Senate Majority Leader and setting a record as the longest-serving Republican leader. Dole was also chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was President Gerald Ford’s vice presidential running mate in 1976 and the Republican presidential candidate in 1988 and 1996.

    Dole has returned to campus several times and has been honored with many accolades for his service to Kansas and the country. Washburn conferred on him an honorary doctor of law in 1969 and an honorary doctor of civil law in 1985. He received the Washburn Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 1966. Washburn Law honored him with the Law Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award in 1981 and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

    A very happy birthday to you, Senator Dole.  We are proud to have you among our ranks as an Ichabod alumni!  

    (via Washburn Foundation)

    Posted on Monday, July 22nd 2013

    Washburn Women’s Alliance

    Even more ways that Washburn is committed to providing access to quality education!  

    More than 200 people attended yesterday’s Washburn Women’s Alliance Annual Luncheon, and we couldn’t be more proud that they awarded more than $90,000 for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year!

    In 1995, the University recognized a need to support female students who may not qualify for traditional scholarships.  The Washburn Women’s Alliance was created by a group of women and an endowment set up by Ruth and John Stauffer to provide scholarships to single mothers here at Washburn.  More than $600,000 has been awarded to women attending Washburn over the last 18 years, making it possible for single mothers to achieve their dreams and prepare themselves for careers and better provide for their children.  

    We are proud to offer this support to our community, and prouder still of the women who attend and graduate from Washburn with a quality education to propel them into the future.  We say a huge thank you to Ruth and John Stauffer, the Washburn Women’s Alliance, and every single person who has supported any of our scholarship efforts.  With your help, we have greatly enriched our campus community by continuing to provide quality education at an affordable price.  

    View CJOnline’s slideshow of yesterday’s luncheon online!

    Get involved with the Washburn Foundation online:

    If you’re thinking about attending Washburn and are interested in what scholarships might be available to you, visit us online and take a look - there are quite a few!  Contact an Admissions Counselor for more information about how to apply and how scholarships are awarded!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 15th 2013