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    Direct deposit information targeted in online theft schemes

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) has recently posted an alert to higher education institutions to be on the lookout for attempts to steal user credentials with the intention of altering direct deposit information.

    Washburn does not provide a self-service interface for payroll direct deposit, the primary target of these scams so far.  However student refunds do have a self-service direct deposit interface and may be at risk if your MyWashburn credentials are compromised.

    Typically credentials are being compromised by targeted phishing e-mails, these would either direct you to provide your username and password in an e-mailed reply or they may direct you to a fake MyWashburn web page linked in the e-mail.

    Washburn will never ask you to provide your username and password in an e-mail, any requests to do so should be considered fraudulent and reported to support@washburn.edu.  If you receive an e-mail directing you to a link to the MyWashburn web page, do not click that link, instead manually type in my.washburn.edu in your web browser.

    If your direct deposit information is changed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail like the one below.  If  receive such a message but have not made the change yourself, contact the business office at 785.670.1156 immediately.

    This is an automated message to inform you that your refund account has been changed.  If you did not authorize this change, please contact the business office. 
    ========== NEW PAYMENT METHOD DETAILS ==========
    Payment Method Name — [ MyVisa ]
    Account Number — [ xxxxxxxxx ]
    Complete information about your student account is available in WU-View (formerly IBOD), which can be accessed through the Financial Services Tab on MyWashburn. Information on tuition and fees, as well as Business Office deadlines and policies is available on the Business Office website: http://bit.ly/1pboCDE.

    via Technology http://bit.ly/1qnnVDt

    Posted on Tuesday, August 19th 2014

    Emailing Entire Class

    Did you know you can easily email your entire class from Desire2Learn?

    Here’s how:

    1. From MyCourses, click on your course
    2. Once in Desire2Learn, click on the Communication menu
    3. Choose Classlist
    4. Click the Email Classlist button
    5. Click the blue Send Email button at the bottom of the window
    6. Write your email
    7. Click the blue Send button at the top of the page

    Note: Email sent from Desire2Learn automatically forwards to student’s Washburn email address.

    You can still send email to your class from self-service Banner – MyWashburn.   Here are instructions on how to send email to your class from self-service Banner.

    via Technology http://bit.ly/VDV71v

    Posted on Tuesday, August 19th 2014

    Fake honor society and other scam and phishing e-mails

    It’s a new school year, and as usual the scammers are coming out in full force to try to find ways to take advantage of students.

    This year we’re seeing a lot of a couple of different types of scams.  One of the more successful ones over the past year have been bogus honor societies that have had invitations hitting inboxes at universities nationwide.

    The Association of College Honor Societies, the only accrediting body for honor societies nationwide, has warnings listed for the claimed organizations below.  These organizations notably lack transparency, bylaws, university chapters, and ultimately any scholastic benefit for students:

    • HonorSociety.org
    • Phi Sigma Theta
    • National Society of Leadership & Success / Sigma Alpha Phi
    • Bloomsbury Honor Society
    • Honors Society (with no more specific name)

    More information can be found here:

    Additionally we’ve been seeing a lot of messages that at first glance may appear very legitimate:

    • Offers of $2,500 (or other amounts) cash scholarships
    • Offers of $100 reward cards for amazon.com, jcpenney.com, Best Buy, WalMart, and other retailers
    • Notify you about (non-existent) background checks performed against you
    • Provide information about miracle cures, skin treatments, etc.
    • Notify you about non-existent overdrafts or overcharges

    These have been successful at getting through spam and malicious content filters nationwide.  The details of these messages vary, some take you to sites that host malicious software, some present fake login pages to try to get you to enter your username and password for retailer websites, some try to get you to enter credit card information, and some try to get you to provide your e-mail account credentials to them.  We are expecting that some will be claiming to be from Washburn ITS or other Washburn departments as that is a common tactic as well.

    Instead of hitting large numbers of inboxes with the same message, the message often varies slightly from person to person and are usually only sent to a small number of people at a time to avoid triggering automatic responses to mass e-mails.

    • Be vary wary of any message that wants you to take urgent action, they often want you to act before you can think about the message
    • Check the FROM: e-mail address.  This will often be subtly different, sometimes it will be radically different, from that it claims to be from.
    • Never respond to an e-mail that instructs you to send your username and password.  Washburn ITS and other legitimate websites will never ask you to do so.
    • Don’t respond to e-mails requesting personal information
    • Don’t click the links in e-mails, if one claims to be directing you to Amazon.com or Washburn.edu, enter that website in your web browser yourself.  They’ll often make the links look similar to real ones, though close examination may reveal minor variations
    • If something is too good to be true, it probably is.  Feel free to contact Washburn ITS is you have a question about such a message.  You may contact us at 785.670.3000, support@washburn.edu, or by coming by the support window in Bennett 104

    More information about identifying and dealing with such messages can be found at the links below:



    via Technology http://bit.ly/VroGTW

    Posted on Friday, August 15th 2014

    Chuck Kranz Hired as Technology Support Technician II at Washburn Tech

    I am happy to report that Chuck Kranz has been hired as a Technology Support Technician II at Washburn Tech.  Chuck worked as a Technology Support Technician I in Morgan Hall for the past few years.  Chuck will work at the Washburn Tech campus Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm providing support for IT needs at the Washburn Tech campus.  His primary contact number is 785-670-3000 which goes to our support line so that we can provide additional assistance for the Washburn Tech campus by providing additional technicians to be able to assist with issues.

    Please join me in welcoming Chuck to the Technology Support Technician II role and providing full-time support for the Washburn Tech campus.

    via Technology http://bit.ly/1kzNqop

    Posted on Tuesday, August 12th 2014