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    What choices do I have if interested in Civil Engineering?

    Asked by Anonymous


    While Washburn does not offer specific engineering degrees, we do have some options for you!


    This program cooperates with four-year engineering institutions to offer students interested in engineering a solid education. In this program, students initially enroll at Washburn and then transfer to the four-year engineering institution where they complete the requirements for their Bachelor of Science degree. Typically two to three years of study are completed at Washburn.

    The 3-2 Dual Degree Program

    This program has developed a 3-2 Program with the engineering schools at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University. In the 3-2 Program, students initially enroll at Washburn, then transfer to KU or KSU to earn their Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. An additional Bachelor of Science degree in physics, mathematics, or chemistry may be earned from Washburn. To earn degrees from both institutions, regular requirements for each degree must be fulfilled. Courses will be selected, as much as possible, to simultaneously fulfill degree requirements from both universities.  

    We’re more than happy to help you pave the way to a civil engineering degree, even if we don’t offer it on campus.  So why choose Washburn?  You’ll get much more hands-on and one-on-one experience here while you develop your science and/or math foundation before venturing on to another institution to continue your degree.  We believe that small classes and personal attention are key factors in succeeding at school, and one of the best things about Washburn.  

    We recommend checking out this page on our site and getting in touch with our Physics and Astronomy Department, specifically Dr. Keith Mazachek, who will be able to answer your questions in more detail.  They’re great people over there, so don’t be shy!

    Thanks for your question!   

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