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    Ichabod Interactive - How You Can Participate!

    We’ve been playing with this Tumblr for quite a while now, and it’s become a great way to share how awesome Washburn is. GIFs, memes, photos, videos, and Ichabod pride - what’s NOT to love?

    So now, we’d like to invite you to participate, too! Tell us about the great things happening on campus, what you love most about Washburn, your favorite study spot, or any of the things you think make our school unique.


    Well, here’s a few ideas:


    • Tag your photos #WashburnUniversity, #GoBods, #CodeWU, #Ichabods, #FutureBods, #CurrentBods, #Ichalove, or any other variation of our known hashtags or campus locations on Foursquare - and we’ll find you!
    • You can also tag us directly @WashburnUniversity.



    • Use any of the hashtags found above.
    • SUBMIT a post!
    • ASK a question!


    • Like us on Facebook!
    • Write a recommendation.
    • Send us a message.
    • Get connected to your fellow Ichabods and make your college experience even richer!

    Not sure about all these services? How about an old-fashioned e-mail address? We welcome you to send ideas and stories and all things Washburn spirit related to social@washburn.edu! (Personal e-mail addresses will be kept private. Names will only be shared if you specifically allow us to do so!)

    For your post to be shared here on Tumblr, keep in mind the following basics of the Washburn University Social Media Policy:


    • Participate! Share photos, events, thoughts, whatever is relevant to sharing the awesomeness of Washburn.
    • Ask questions! We want to help you succeed - and whether you’re not sure how Financial Aid works or don’t know where to sign up for Intramural sports, we’ve got the answers!
    • Mention your organization name or other Washburn connection when promoting an event.


    • Use our wall/inbox/fanmail/retweets to ask for money or campaign for office. (It is OK to promote a university-related fundraiser event.)
    • Use language that is abusive, harassing, discriminatory, vulgar, or promotes false information.
    • Post photos that depict alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

    Because we want to make this a positive experience, submitting a DON’T means that social media administrators reserve the right to remove content and block your ability to contribute in the future. All submissions to Ichabod Interactive will be moderated - so if you don’t see your post right away, don’t worry - we’re looking at it!

    So, after this ridiculously long post, here we are, Ichabods! Go wild! Show us - and the world - what Washburn is all about!

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